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Boca Raton Affordable Dentist

It's important to us here at Dental Care of Boca Raton to make your dentistry affordable. We try to set reasonable fees, and want you to be able to afford your dental care.

Affordable Dentistry Options

Here are the ways we try to achieve that:

  • Dr. Kagan's dental care philosophy that is the foundation of everything he does is ultraconservative dentistry. To read more about this, please see our Boca Raton dentist home page. As far as he is concerned, the less he does, the better. He makes sure that all the treatment he recommends is truly needed, and that what he recommends is the simplest, least invasive option.
  • We also stress prevention. The use of sealants, fluoride, flossing, and other preventive techniques can greatly reduce your need for expensive dental care.
  • We also strive for durable, low-maintenance dentistry. By using the best materials, by working under magnification so we achieve a precise fit for everything we do, we can provide a lifetime warranty for your dental work.
  • Finally, for the work that you do need, we provide affordable payment plans through Care Credit.

All of these help make your dental care affordable while at the same time increasing the level of quality of that care.

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