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New Technology in Dentistry

In the 21st century, there are so many other new, exciting and amazing aspects of dentistry, which are here and available, today, as well as very closely approaching on the horizon. We have just barely begun to scratch the surface of what is both possible and available to help us maintain our beautiful smiles for a lifetime.

Some of these things, aside from air abrasion, and the continual amazing improvements in our dental materials are:

Air abrasion

The continual amazing improvements in our dental materials

Invisalign® invisible braces - which enable us to straighten your teeth faster, more comfortably, without unsightly metal brackets and wires.

Dental implants and mini implants - enabling us not only to replace the crown of a missing tooth but the root also.

Tooth decay and gum disease preventing vaccines.

Bacterial replacement therapy (where harmless non pathogenic bacteria of the same type are used to replace their disease or acid producing counterparts).

Ozone therapy to kill bacteria and sterilize cavities to help promote repair and remineralization.

“Smart” filling materials to help prevent and repair decay.

Xylitol and recaldent (amorphous calcium phosphate) containing gums, rinses and other natural products to help repair early cavities.

Conscious sedation dentistry - we can use a simple oral medication to ensure complete comfort for your dental care.

Many types of lasers for hard and soft tissue including those that detect cavities.

Ways to give us profound tooth anesthesia without the associated lip tongue and face numbness, including needle-less techniques.

3-d CAD-CAM impressions and models with teeth virtually planned and then fabricated using digital computer-aided x-rays.

3-d cat scans.

Cosmetic imaging

Teeth-in-an-Hour technology, allowing for providing a patient who has no teeth at all, a complete set of fixed, permanent teeth , in one visit in just over an hour.

DNA bacterial identification and elimination, microscopic bacterial monitoring, decay detecting solutions.

Machines that can tell if you have bad breath and many successful ways to remedy this problem.

Electronic devices which measure elevated gum temperature, indicating inflammation and early disease.

Bacterial testing to determine decay susceptibility in a particular individual.

Culturing and sensitivity testing without the presence of air, to determine and treat the causative agent(s) of periodontal infections.

Genetic susceptibility testing for periodontal disease.

Cloning natural tooth structure.

Some of these advances are only experimental. Most of them, however, are today’s reality. Much more is being researched, discovered and developed every day.

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